What seduced me in Linux?

Few years ago, I switched from Windows to Linux because I found it more convenient, more attractive since I discovered a better alternative that made me realize what I missed in my user experience.
Discovering then using Linux made me conscious about the existence of a whole new world for me. The world of Unix-like systems because I began to test a lot of distributions of different kind, I didn’t limit myself to the GNU/Linux systems, I also explored some BSDs that I found incredibly amazing because of their stability and the surrounding philosophy. By discovering these operating systems, I also discovered a new philosophy that would change a lot in my way of thinking about computers and programs: the free software philosophy (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_software). but this is a story for an other time. In this post, I will be discussing what attracted me to Linux in the first place, and what I found useful in Linux compared to Windows.


Security is what encouraged me the most on moving from Windows to Linux. The reason of Linux being more secure than Windows is partly the fact that, if a lot of peoples use a particular OS, this will attract malicious people to craft harmful programs to reach the maximum of users. the overwhelming majority of computers run under Windows, so the number of malicious programs on it is significantly high.
As a matter of fact, many Linux users don’t even install an anti-virus because of the rareness of threats. This is absolutely not conceivable for a rational Windows user which would rather consider this as a suicide, especially when the computer an internet access.

Linux is open source

An open source software is one which we can access and read its source code, understand how was it made, verify if there is no malicious code in it, and finally, modify it to suit our needs if we have the required knowledge for that. This contrasts with the closed source / proprietary software that Windows and Mac OS are.


This is the result of an open source software. It respects the privacy of its users. The software will be really yours, it will not do something that you don’t know such as sending your data to a third party or monitoring your activity.


When we come from Windows where chances of customization are very limited, we are astonished before the flexibility and almost limitless customization we get on Linux.
The look of your desktop depends on the Desktop Manager (DM) that you choose to use. A DM is, in some cases, an ecosystem of software, it is all you see when you log in your session. Each DM looks different, with its own settings, feel and look. Personally, I prefer KDE, but I already used some others like LXDE, Gnome and XFCE. each one has its pros and cons. for example, you can run Linux on an old machine by installing LXDE as a DM. it is fast and light.

The multiplicity of choices

There are thousands of Linux distributions to choose from. Each one is destined to a particular purpose. there are distributions that are designed to suit There are user-friendly distributions that new comers to the Linux world could use.

The community behind it

In a lot of Linux distributions, we find a welcoming community that doesn’t hesitate to help those who experience problems with their systems. This personally make me feel secure because I know that every time I experience a problem on a particular distribution, I google it and I find that there are peoples who already asked for help for this particular issue and the community responded and resolved the problem.
For these and for other reasons, I decided to use Linux. but it is not the only open source software that I could use to get my security increased and privacy protected. I already tested some BSDs that I found very interesting, but I decided to use Linux, for now.



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