I created this Blog several months ago and I didn’t use it. My goal was always clear: improve my English by writing about my favorite topics, though I didn’t make time to do it until now. I decided to start writing and I will hopefully not stop doing it.

So this blog is pretty much self-centered, it is made to encourage me to make some résumé about my readings and to force myself to write a structured text in English.

Who I Am

I am an Algerian student who is pursuing a PhD in Political Sciences. this is pretty much all I can tell in order to preserve my anonymity.

the reason why I want to stay anonymous is to have the possibility to say whatever I want without risking to be pursued by my government or the ones which whom I work. I don’t have much to say about the Algerian regime that the allegedly opposition parties have already said, but I want to have this possibility when the time comes (if it ever comes).

My favorite topics

  1. International Relations (IR): I love IR, it is my area of studies. I made an occupation of a passion. I like reading about nation’s history, their foreign relations, but what I like the most is conflict analysis and great powers rivalries in various regions of the globe.
  2. Philosophy: even if it is not my primary focus in terms of books readings and reflexions, I love philosophy and especially thinking about epistemology. I find that it is a good way to have a critical mind by thinking about how arguments are made, how could we verify or falsify an hypothesis, what can we believe to be right and why… it is without doubts a challenging discipline for me.
  3. language learning: I speak Berber (which is Tamazight, my mother tongue), classical Arabic, Algerian Arabic, and French. I don’t consider that I speak English because I am not fluent and I make so much errors when I write, it is even worse when I speak.
  4. Computer Sciences: I am not a computer scientist, but I love playing around with computers since I was a child. I love all about computers, I learned a couple of programming languages long ago, and I maintain one of them which is Python. I am a supporter of open source software and I use only open source for all my activities. I am interested in issues concerning society and technology. I will definitely write about this very soon

You can follow my Blog if it doesn’t bother you finding some (a lot of?) disturbing English mistakes. if you do so, you are welcome to comment about anything you want, my English mistakes, the topics themselves, … I will be happy to answer.